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Most Recent Forum Activity. Bulletproof is cetainly a controversial game. Bulletproof from a third-person shooter into a top-down shooter does make G Unit Edition feel new, feed me one click headshot but it doesn't make it fun.

Can you star in a game in which you gruesomely stab people, steal their wallets, and then use their money to buy an assortment of promo merchandise? Average Player Score Based on ratings. You people already know what's up. How much street cred can nine bullet wounds buy?

Bulletproof I really didn't know what to expect. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings.

Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Browse games Game Portals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bulletproof's arcade mode. After killing Spyder's assailants along with McVicar, he kills Spyder.

Bulletproof, bypassed by almost all reviewers and consumers alike. Look at Gamespot's review. The game features members of the G-Unit rap crew as a gang. Man, what a disappointing game.

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He sees Booker a homeless man who knows everything. So, you want to be frustrated? He brings it back to Bugs, who is able to listen to the messages left on the phone.

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Bulletproof Blood on the Sand. But as a game, Bulletproof is a disaster. They all go down to the subway station. Boy oh boy, how underrated is this game?

Score Breakdown Based on ratings. Im not sure what else I can say about this game, since its self explanatory. Play Now Download the full version. Bulletproof Review Whether you're an action fan looking for a good shooter or a G-Unit fan in search of new material, Bulletproof disappoints across the board.

After walking out he runs into Grizz, a war vet who lost his trigger finger in the war. Whether you're an action fan looking for a good shooter or a G-Unit fan in search of new material, Bulletproof disappoints across the board. The World's hottest rap star is now the star of the world's hottest video game.

Your enemies, on the other hand, sense your presence from yards away and run in erratic patterns as they spray bullets, a frustration compounded by sloppy aiming controls. Also added is multiplayer game-play through ad hoc wireless connectivity. The life as a hip-hop-star is not easy, but it's weird to make people hating you so much. On one side people were praising this game while the other they were despising it.

Doc Friday was a licensed doctor until he started writing prescriptions for himself. The tattoo is traced back to Wu-Jang, a Chinese drug kingpin. While the story and cut-scenes are the same as the console counterpart, the game eschews the third-person perspective game-play for a top-down, isometric viewpoint. Look at the raging forums. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.

The setting is in New York. Your G-Unit allies are so dumb they had to be made invincible to keep them alive. And it's unbelievably annoying, because it had potential.

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50 Cent Bulletproof iso

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