6 amp hook up, how to properly hook up a car amplifier inside the house


Step 2 Choose Your PSU

Easily done if you haven't been warned. If you already have amplifier you can just skip this step. Then from there, go to the car amp? What amp is this, and what headunit do you have?

The manual should cover this. Fridge is Thetford N but paper and thier web site just say volt no wattage as far as I can see. Forums Website Help Members. For this reason i'm not gonna go further, if you are good with it you wont have any problems with it since its as easy as changing few resistors. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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Ok, I will get to work on it and see if I can get evertyhing going. You can use simple switch to short them together. There are many combinations and the value of the Amperage of each appliance is easily work out, we keep a Post-It stuck inside one of the roof lockers as an aide memoir. To explain the best I can - on an appliance rated at W at V has a resistance of approx. Some places I've been don't allow you access to reset the switch and I've been on some places in the past where tripping the switch took other people out as well - how popular would that make you.

Please try again in a few minutes. If we need to boil the water in the w kettle, the hot water is switched off so air con can still run. Car batteries are usually made just to start car and not really for discharging them completely so if you would go that route you should use deep cycle battery.

Step 1 Choose Your Warrior

Strip the four ends of both of your speaker wires using a pair of wire strippers. In my case this wasn't an issue as I only did this occasionally. You can buy a cheap gedget such as this.

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House 6 Steps

You just learn to switch one thing off when you use another. Close the connector with your screwdriver to hold the wire in place. This means that by using same power supply next step you can get more power with class D amp. Really, to truely help I would need to know what speakers and what amp you are using, kansas plus the Ohm rating on each speaker. What I am really needing to know is how to use the patch cables.

  1. You can always turn down gain on amplifier.
  2. Adjust the output volume knobs on the amplifier for each channel to balance the sound according to your tastes.
  3. Since your speaker has impedance which varies by frequency you are playing it at, its always best to play different tones to see if amplifier distorts.
  4. But given we had just finished building our house, money was tight.

This should be done while your speakers are hooked up and using few test tones. Does that mean I just need to hook the amp into the rear outputs on the head unit? And a solar battery charge controller hooked up to a amp hour deep cycle battery. And is it obvious how it would connect to the amp and speakers? Insert the negative cable of the right speaker wire into the negative connector of the right output channel on your amplifier.

How to Wire a 6 x 9 Speaker to an Amp

To ensure you are not getting more power to them, use nominal impedance rating and ohms law to determine how high should voltage on output be. As the ceiling speakers and wiring are all already in place I can't really add any wall mounted devices. Hi Raj, I had the same setup and issue that you describe.

6 Amp Hook up s

How to Wire a 6 x 9 Speaker to an Amp

They contain capacitors that are charged up to mains voltage and can be deadly. It would be nice to have the boat and tower speakers seperate so that I wouldn't have to hear it all the time. If you wired everything correctly, you can turn on your amplifier now. If you only have to speakers in the rear of the boat currently, I can work something out. There is a lot of discussion about this so i'm not gonna go there, but main difference between them is power consumption.

  • Six amps usually ok to run the microwave etc, but take care what else is on at the time.
  • Insert the end of the positive unmarked cable of one of your speaker wires into the positive red connector and close the connector tightly with your screwdriver.
  • About the amp situation though, what do you think I should do?
  • Albeit you need to do this at the switch.

Appreciate you taking time to reply. Just have to be aware that you do have to power to pop those speakers. So, the label of an appliance only gives a notional indication of power at a specific voltage. Isn't there concerns about overcharge or heat? Hi I reckon reducing the ampage will become more common as electric prices rise, some sites especially abroad have had low ampage for years.

My amplifier gets into protection when raising gain, what could be the problem? By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Now, any actually free rear fader will be inside boat. Learn more about our cookies.

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House

One (Gen 2)

Solar charging is inaudible while you listen to music, but using a v battery charger, you will hear transformer hum in the audio. Can you recommend an impedance-matching device so that I know what I'm looking for please. We need basic cookies to make this site work, therefore these are the minimum you can select. Thankfully if you are in transit they don't charge separately for one or two nights. Simply do everything as described before, but when you raise volume up listen to change in sound.

With higher power amplifiers its good to also include fuse that is recommended with your power wire. Depending on power of amplifier and power supplies. The best thing to do given the power ratings of your speakers is to wire each to its own individual channel. Mark did you have you volt water heater on. Insert the end of the positive cable of the right speaker wire into the positive connector for the right output channel on your amplifier.

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Insert the negative usually marked with a black stripe cable of the same speaker wire into the negative black connector and close the connector tightly with your screwdriver. You can't control it remotely. If you still haven't got one and you are thinking about buying it there are few things to consider.

Well you can do this by ear but it wont be as accurate. Use online charts to roughly calculate your wire gauge, but its always better to get bigger gauge as they will have less drop in voltage with higher current draws. Accept cookies Cookie settings. Hi I'm a complete newbie to this so apologies for any stupid question.

How to Hook Up a Amp 7 Steps

If you ever upgrade tower speakers to somethign that can handle more power, I got some tricks for that too. Best live music experience. If you go under it, it may not be enough to blow fuses which could lead to damage of your wires, power supply or even burn them down.

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