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One day, Ajay is adopted by a rich family and happily leaves the orphanage, as well as Arya, behind him. Montage song shot on Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal and the rest of her family in the film.

One day he sees Geetha and proposes to her. The next morning they wake up and realize that Ajay is missing. Arya decides to bring her back at any cost for Ajay.

When she refuses, he threatens to jump from the top of college building. On his first day to the college, he sees Geetha who was just confessing her love to Ajay who was at the top of the college building, threatening her. On their way, they are followed by Avataram's henchmen. However, she soon falls in love with him, but he is not ready to marry a ruffian's sister.

Arya 2 Songs Lyrics

It was remade twice in Bengali. The three of them stay at a hotel and decide that they must forget all of their worries for Geetha and Ajay would be gone and Arya left alone. Ajay, however, feels ashamed to say that Arya is his friend and avoids him. Everyone in the company is instantly fond of Arya, especially Shanti Shraddha Das who is madly in love with him.

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Deepika Bhavana is an arrogant, rich girl. He is unnaturally possessive about Ajay.

On the day of wedding, Geetha finds out that Aarya was the guy who dove into the sea for her anklet and realizes that he came into her life much before Ajay. Unknowingly, Ajay does so. One day Avataram arranges a party in his house and it so turns out that Ajay introduces Geetha to his father and persuades him to fix their marriage. Arya is rushed to the hospital where it is seen that Geetha is truly in love with Arya.

Arya 2 Songs Lyrics

It is a special package that consists of fun, entertainment, laughs, frolic, merriment, high times, bashes and more. His friend Ajay Navdeep narrates how Arya changed his life. Allu Arjun Navdeep Kajal Aggarwal.

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There is a soul in the film and you end up having a thin layer of tears in your eyes while leaving the theater. Fair and Lovely, a brand associated for the film, also held a competition where aspiring actors could audition for a chance to play Madhavan's friend in the film. Being tired, the three go to bed. Hence turned out to be a blockbuster.

Either way we end up hallucinating under its influence! Aarya is a Indian Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Balasekaran and produced by Manoj Kumar. Swati of colors fame and Devi Sri Prasad anchored this event. At this juncture, Geetha comes to know that Ajay too loves her.

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On the other hand, Ajay remains helpless, while Aarya fights all the men and finally defeats them, rescuing Ajay and Geetha. Geetha also realizes that Aarya truly loves her, net tv player 2.0 while Ajay was just acting on his impulse of wanting what he couldn't have. The remaining story tells us how the brother and sister put pressure on Aarya to become a rowdy so his status is equal enough as Kasi's so Aarya can marry Deepika. And after watching the film you also feel that here is a movie that is every inch worth its pre-release hype. Soundtrack was composed by Mani Sharma and lyrics were written by P.

During this time, Geetha grows closer to Arya and sympathizes with his feelings. On hearing this, Arya undergoes a dramatic transformation. Finally deepika changes her ways.

It was also recorded in Malayalam and Hindi. Arya does all this in his weird, unusual style, while expertly concealing this from everyone else. Arya plans for the duo to go to America, but Ajay, unbeknownst to Arya, changes the plan for them to go to Australia, for he fears that Arya will somehow stop them from escaping.

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Song describing the traits of the hero as a perfectionist in his office. Its producer Dil Raju assured that he would produce the film if Dil becomes a commercial success. Arya agrees and justifies this by saying that, had he not accepted, Geetha would be married off to another person, and Ajay can never get her back. He decides to sacrifice his love and arrange Ajay and Geetha's wedding.

Another Bengali remake was solely produced by Bangladesh as Ajob Prem. He is introduced to her family and he stays at her house amid the preparations for the wedding between her and the rival gang lord's son. His affection towards Ajay doesn't diminish despite the passage of years and he is ready to go to great lengths for the sake of their friendship.

Emotions, sentiments, passion, craze and feelings. Anuradha Mehta and Siva Balaji were chosen for the other two lead roles. Geetha's father wants her to be with Arya instead of Ajay, because he realizes how much Arya really treasures and cherishes her. She dreams about the incident frequently with the idea that the guy who jumped has died but her friends ask her to forget it.

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