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You can share materials from this website for commercial and non-commercial use but you must link to and give credit to the source. First find the picture you want to use.

Free Borders and Backgrounds

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As a start, drag it to surround the page margins. Border An abnormal shaped full page border. Make sure that your printer is set to landscape or portrait depending on the page that you select. Under Style, scroll down the list and choose a line for the borders. Some of the page borders already include greetings for the relevant holiday.

Fancy Decoration Border

You will then see a list of templates. You will find some amusing choices on this long list, including ice cream cones, bats, and umbrellas.

Full Page Borders

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Fancy Decoration Border

If you click on the cloud icon and the border does not download then you will be be able to use it in Word. There are hundreds of free borders available on this site. Here are two ways to approach the task, calligraphy fonts software depending on the clip art you have available.

Double-click on the picture to open the Format Picture dialog and select the Size tab. You can also print it without downloading it. This will align all the coffee cups at the top of the page border.

This opens the header pane. Floral Border This floral border is made out of leather to look like wood carvings.

How to Add a Border to a Page in Word - dummiesFree Borders and Backgrounds

Instruction vector to make curves decoration. If you want a png border then click on the cloud icon to download the border as a png file. Watercolor Floral Backgrounds. Postcard template retro ethnic icon decor. Christmas poster templates classical decorative corner decor.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Select any category from the selection above. Toggle navigation All-free-download.

Ornate Floral Border An illustration of an ornate floral border. Decorative Border An illustration of a decorative border. Celtic Border A narrow border with Celtic influences.

European classical decorative box vector. Before you create your border, place the cursor on the page where the border is to appear. Frame template retro symmetrical decor. Stretch the canvas to the size of the temporary page border and give it Behind Text wrapping.

Drag one of the copies so that it is in the top left corner of the page border outline. Clearly this picture will be too big for a border at its full size, so you will need to make it smaller.

Books Narrow border of books. Floral Border An illustration of a floral border. Certificate template classical elegant decor seamless border.

Now you have to insert a drawing canvas in the header. Click Clip Art in the Insert group. Baroque Style Border An illustration of a baroque style border. Document border templates classical elegant decor autumn theme. Simple Arrow Border An illustration of a simple border with arrows.

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How can I create a custom page border? Vintage poster template classical border symmetric royal decor. Double-click in the header area to access the header.

Frame template elegant dark modern golden star decor. Entryway Border An illustration of decorative entryway border. Three kinds of elegant yellowgreen decorative box vector.