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This area of the documentation contains listings for all of these commands. It allows developers to quickly optimize and compile apps.

Reward no longer available backers. Requires Zenity for file browsing.

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Get introduced to App Game Kit and discover what this product is all about. Distribution Important information relating to the distribution of games made in App Game Kit. Important information relating to the distribution of games made in App Game Kit. We believe we're best working directly with our customers, listening to their needs which in turn will ensure we create a tool that appeals to a wider reach of developers.


AppGameKit does all the heavy lifting for you - making it easy to code, of deamon tools compile and then export apps to each platform. These apps are riding high in all these charts. It is envisioned that the current Compiler will be re-written to accommodate these new data sets. Code and release apps for Ouya!


Thank you for your consideration. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Click here to view the Utilities. Kickstarter is not a store. Our initial aim is to raise the necessary funds so we can develop the next phase.

Utilities Learn more the utilities included with App Game Kit. Until we implement it we will not know the performance on mobile devices.

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Questions about this project? Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. We can guarantee that the stretch goals shown below will be developed if we raise the amounts listed during this funding phase. Click here to view the Examples.

Developing such tools takes a lot of time and skill. Click here to view the Guides. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. The sound library will be expanded to allow finer control of individual sounds - the volume and pitch will be controllable. Currently this has to be handled by your own extra code.

Click here to view the Distribution section. The implementation of the physics engine is an unknown quantity at this time.

You should be very proud of what you guys have accomplished with this. Off-topic Review Activity.

Learn more about accountability. AppGameKit is a powerful game development engine, ideal for Hobbyist and Indie developers.

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System Requirements Windows. Add breakpoints to your code and trace variables, arrays and types. Click here to view the Principles section. We will work through these challenges until we find a suitable solution.

The team have developed and shipped many products over their extensive time in the games industry. There are several hundred commands included within App Game Kit.

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Today sees a new maintenance release of AppGameKit Classic that fixes some important issues. These are our estimates for how long each phase will take to develop.

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App Game Kit comes with a vast array of example programs that will help you discover how to do things such as displaying a sprite on screen and playing with physics. This will expand the potential marketplace for any apps you create in App Game Kit. We have an exciting vision of how we want to evolve the product and are looking for your help so we can move the development forward with confidence.