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Audio waveforms accurately represent your recordings for precise editing. You can also create hybrid amps by mixing each individual guitar amp components which are modeled separately. The Tone control fine tunes the color of the modulated part, a feature which is missed on the majority of pedals. The Recording Room selection adds a completely new level of hyper-realism to your guitar tone.

After this phase we start a complex audio-engineering comparison with the original amplifier or effect compared to the modeled version. Typically used on lead guitar, this effect has remained a popular distortion effect throughout the years.

And now, it return the desktop as a fundamental element of this brand new Windows version. The original amplifier or effect is then accurately measured, and a virtual circuit representation of it is coded in software, with each component's value and the circuit details carefully matched.

AmpliTube Free Download for Windows 10 7 8/ (64 bit/32 bit)

The creation of a single model of amp or effect takes the same time that it would take to build a hardware version of it. Never before has it been so easy to get hyper-real! With the boost function bypassed, the Mudhoney delivers moderate gain and a rich, smooth sound that many jazz guitarists prefer.

Audacious is a free audio media player that supports all types of audio files. Can be setup to create anything from the most amazing tremolos to the most complex rhythm effects that always stay in perfect sync with the beat. Grab your stuff while you still can.

The rate control knob alternately illuminates blue and red at the same rate as the phase shifting. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. First introduced in the early s, this classic all-tube spring reverb unit is a must have accessory for all Surf players. This classic germanium transistor fuzz effect was the main fuzz box used by Jimi Hendrix.

Hyper Realistic Tone

This will make your guitars and bass parts to sound like a rhythmic synth, if you want it! Now you can swap out individual speakers in your favorite cabinets at will, allowing for creative speaker combinations utilizing the many precision-modeled speakers available. Songr is a great application for downloading music and video from the internet on a fast and efficient way. No matter what type of tone you are aiming for, only AmpliTube has the right gear for it. Both are included when you install the package.

Think of it as an easy way to step into the vast and powerful world of AmpliTube processing and recording. Its powerful sequencer-like waveform editing should be immediately familiar to you, making it easy to use it as a sketchpad for new ideas or as a full-featured recording solution on its own.

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Amplitube 3

Wait a few seconds until the download begins. Garena CyberCafe Alliance is a multifunction gaming interactive platform. It provides both analog Chorus and analog Vibrato effects, when in Chorus mode the modulation will be lush and slow, when in Vibrato effect the modulation will be faster and more noticeable.

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Sonic Visualiser is a free program to view and study the playing or recording of an audio file. Hendrix liked experimenting with it to produce wild psychedelic effects in the studio, and he used it heavily during the recording of Electric Ladyland. You can enhance your bass tone adding from simple auto Wah effects to extreme filtering effects. Volume, Tone, and Drive controls let you dial in the perfect sound for your song.

Gear Selection First and foremost, darkspore full version AmpliTube is all about the gear. The AmpliTube Custom Shop is incredibly easy to use. You're downloading AmpliTube. Clicking this link will start the installer to download AmpliTube free for Windows. Eagle Mode does not need to have open windows of different applications and programs.

Software Music Machine Archive. One of the most versatile yet modern sounding wah pedals. Do you like to choose the music and make songs with different combinations to surprise your group of friends?

This is one of the most evil and vicious pedals! Based on one of the most famous modern digital delays. This model packs a whole powerful amp into a single stomp box. It's like having a guitar store right inside your virtual rig.

The Brit Silver faithfully recreates the original Silver Jubilee down to every minute detail for hyper-real authentic Marshall tone. You can add individual pieces of gear, or complete collections to your virtual rig, all with just a few mouse clicks. The gate stomp box used by Slash. Two seconds doesn't sound much but in the middle of a solo in a crowded venue it's a pisser.

Will emit a small noise, from time to time, once the day trial period has expired. Virtual Fretboard is a very useful program for practising guitar skills and acquiring knowledge about this instrument.

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We have modeled almost every amp and effect circuit ever produced since the birth of electric guitar and effects pedals. No other software product in the music industry even comes close to the selection, performance and overall sonic accuracy when it comes to creating guitar and bass tones with a computer. The more Credits you purchase, the less each one costs see chart below.