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Yet it was a film that exceeded expectations in all respects. That evening, he and Naidu meet all of the suspects at Rajan's house. Chinnaiya Pillai, Pattabi and Hema shoot him as instructed, but Usha fails to do so and bursts into tears.

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Criminal Investigation Department C. National Film Archive of India. Directorate of Film Festivals. Pattabi states that Hema could have killed Rajan for the money as she loses her sanity when overpowered by anger. The two policemen question five people in and around Rajan's house, most of whom are his family members or friends.

Balachander was shocked on hearing this and obliged to Meiyappan's wish. Sivaji Prabhu Charities Trust.

The first to be questioned is Rajan's wife Usha, who is unable to speak because of her grief. Unable to get any support from the government, he went to Japan where his work was appreciated. He became a spy selling India's military secrets to Japan. Bisleri Beverages Limited.

Andha Naal Gnapagam - - Download Tamil Songs

Saravanan claim Andha Naal to be the first songless film in India. For the film, kirtu episode see Andha Naal film. Andha Naal motion picture.

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Narrative, Genre, and Ideology in Tamil Cinema. The role of the radio engineer Rajan was initially given to S. The film was shorter than most contemporaneous Tamil films. Rajan was about to leave Madras in anticipation of the bombings. When questioned, Ambujam accuses Chinnaiya Pillai of murdering Rajan, saying that Chinnaiya Pillai was her foster father and wanted her to stay away from Rajan after the three met during a picnic.

Sivanandam and Naidu feel embarrassed and are reluctant to question her further. She is initially impudent and refuses to give a statement about the crime, but she later agrees when Sivanandam threatens to arrest her husband. Naidu suggests that the killer could be a thief who killed Rajan for the money found at the crime scene. Affiliated East-West Press.

The film has been described by French film historian Yves Thoraval as a revolution in Tamil cinema for the absence of songs and dances. Pattabi asked for his share of the family property but Rajan refused his request, feeling that he and his wife would squander it. Sambandam formed the rest of the cast. After revealing the truth, Usha commits suicide.

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As their relationship continued, Chinnaiya Pillai became infuriated and wanted to end the affair. When Sivanandam and Naidu interrogate Pattabi, who feels remorse for Rajan's death, he admits that he did not treat his brother well nor understand his good intentions.

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Vest describes the three films as following a nonlinear narrative by presenting diverging accounts of the same incident. However, Sivanandam is unconvinced by Naidu's theory because the amount of money at the scene matches the withdrawal entry in the bank passbook found in the same room. Sivanandam tricks Usha into using a leaky fountain pen in order to collect her fingerprints.

Finding the Story and Forcing the Issue. Sadhanaigal padaitha Tamil Thiraipada Varalaaru in Tamil.

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Despite being a commercial failure at the time of its original release, it has acquired cult status over the years, and is regarded as an important film in Tamil cinema. Perspectives from South Asia. She changed her mind but pulled the trigger accidentally, killing him. Cinematography was handled by S. Initially, Balachander was hesitant to approach Ganesan because he was unsure whether he would agree to play a negative role.

Rajan was a radio engineer who wanted to sell radios to the poor at an affordable price. They begin interrogating Chinnaiya Pillai, who reported the gunshot. Gurunath Aruna Guhan Aparna Guhan. Meiyappan and directed by Sundaram Balachander. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum motion picture. He recounts an incident in which his wife Hema fought with Rajan because he refused to apportion the property. She could not stop him and attempted to shoot him. Theatrical release poster. When she discovers that her husband has betrayed India, she decides to kill him.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Purushothaman Naidu, a local police inspector, arrives at Rajan's house and starts investigating the death. Central Board of Film Certification. International Federation of Film Archives.

But it failed to elicit the interest of the average masses who just go to see a film with all the usual trappings. That Day is a Indian Tamil-language mystery - thriller film, produced by A. Each one's account of the incident points to a new suspect. This article is about the film. Films directed by Sundaram Balachander.

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Officer Sivanandam joins Naidu to help with the investigation. Usha learnt about this and tried unsuccessfully to reform him. The film is regarded by many critics as Balachander's best. When Balachander refused Meiyappan ordered the production controller Vasu Menon to settle Balachander's salary dues and to bring the reels to be burnt before him.