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4L60E Overhaul Manual

This will tighten the oil pump removal tool around the Turn the T-handle on top of J A. Install the bottom pump vane ring and the rotor guide into the rotor and retain with Transjel J or an equivalent. Clean all the valves, springs, bushings, and the control valve body in clean Dry all the parts using compressed air. Important When the overrun clutch is checked, the air will blow by the forward clutch piston lip seals and exit out of the forward clutch feed hole in the turbine shaft.

Composition material wear Composition material heat damage Composition material delamination Steel plates heat damage Steel plates surface finish damage. Install all of the transmission oil pan screws. Important Lubricate all parts with Dexron-lll automatic transmission fluid before installation.

Inspect the reverse input clutch spring assembly for distortion or damage. Compress the reverse input clutch spring assembly. When properly assembled, the reverse input clutch housing will be located just below the case oil pump face. Check the support for cracks and damaged lugs.

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The oil seal rings must fit loose into the ring grooves. Install the clutch spring compressor. Install an output shaft sleeve and an output shaft seal. Use Transjel J or equivalent to retain the washer to the pump. Install the reverse input clutch on the input clutch assembly.

Install the valve body over the J, and connect the manual valve link to Install two bolts to hold the valve body in place. If you are planning to do any serious transmission work, songs this manual is a must-have.

Important Install the transmission wiring harness on the valve body. Index each leg of the apply plate into the apply ring legs. Place J which is part of kit J over the seals. Refer to Low and Reverse Clutch Spacer Plate Selection in order to select the proper thickness of the low and reverse clutch selective spacer plate B. Install the reverse input and the input clutch assembly into the transmission case.

Install the band anchor pin into the case. Install the low and reverse clutch support retainer spring into the case. Install the reaction sun shell into the reaction sun gear. Pry the metal from the top of the filter and pull the top away. Damaged or porosity Ring groove damage Install the reverse input clutch inner and outer seals on the piston.

External leaks in the hub area. The rotor and slide measurements must both fall into the same thickness range. Install the servo into the case. Place a rag over the springs while removing them to prevent the springs from. Index the band to fit the band anchor pin onto the band.

Atsg Manual

Lift the valve body carefully so that the checkballs remain on the spacer plate in the correct location. Install the J into the case. Install the chamfer side up. Install the second apply piston retaining ring.

Flushing the torque converter is not recommended. Turn the wiring harness over so that it hangs over the side of the transmission.

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If you tighten these bolts at random you may distort valve bores. Porosity Cracks Damaged machined surfaces Chips or debris. Use Transjel J or an equivalent to retain the seal and the ring on the slide.

4L60E Overhaul Manual

Reassemble the sprag correctly. Install the reverse boost valve and sleeve in the pump cover.

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Inspect the reaction gear support to case bearing for damage. Install the sprag assembly retainer rings into the forward clutch sprag assembly. Spline damage Plugged lubrication holes Damaged tangs Cracks.

Atsg Manual

Measure the oil pump slide thickness. Install the correct selective spacer plate from the selection procedure. Some models may have a chamfer on one side of the selective backing plate.

Converter pilot is broken, damaged or poor fit into the crankshaft. Install the forward clutch sprag into the input clutch housing.

Atsg Manual

ATSG Transmission Repair Manuals ATSG Repair Manual

Install the pump slide inner and outer springs. Select the proper forward clutch selective backing plate to obtain the correct travel. Inspect the race for damage and surface finish. Retain gaskets on the spacer plate with J or equivalent.

Use feeler gauges to check the forward clutch plate travel. Possible damage to the transmission case lugs can occur if the low and reverse clutch support retainer ring is not fully seated in the transmission case lug. Spray the ends of the transmission oil pan screws with penetration oil.

While lifting the valve body, disconnect the manual valve link from the manual valve. Measure the rotor and slide thickness for surface wear.

Leave J which is part of kit J on the stator shaft until just before the pump is to be installed into the transmission. Install the oil pump to case seal on the pump. Install the pivot pin spring and the pivot pin. Without touching the pinion gears, place a bushing or an output shaft sleeve onto the bearing race, and turn it with the palm of your hand.

Install a reaction sun bushing. Not all models use an output shaft sleeve and O-ring seal. Install the input carrier shaft bearing thrust assembly. The oil seal ring must face downward into the pump pocket.